QuakeLive 5on5 CTF without tooFAST

Since QuakeLive switched to a so called final version (damn guys, fix it!), everybody is playing 5on5 CTF on the new old maps (noobs). The authorities of tooFAST decided: "We won't take part in this shit."

The Clanbase Opencup sign up for QuakeLive CTF has been finished last sunday - as I'm writing here I'm trying to get this fucking Clanbase page open. God damn is this page slow >8+}. Anyway, tooFAST won't take part in this Clanbase OC Season.

Most of us don't like to play FFA in a gamemode which is supposed to be a tactical one. QuakeLive CTF 5on5 is devinitivly not tactical. In Quake3 it was, but there was another spawnsystem.
One reason also is that we cant find a 5th player to play 5on5 FFA.

tooFAST is looking forward to the next BiBs QL CTF Season which will be played 4on4 most likely.
So stay tuned for upcoming weird things. (whatever that means =8~])

Yet something in his own behalf. Our lovely (damn I'm gay) teammate power3 is making a new Quakelive Movie which is called Impression 2. You can find a trailer at own3d.tv.

If you have some nice frags or scenes feel free to contact him and send him your stuff. power3 can be found at #tooFAST or #p3-production.

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